Sorry friends, that it’s taken me a whole month to start really posting!

We have, after many adventures, arrived in a paradise of sorts, with a beach you can walk on barefoot and snorkel or dive in,  lush tropical plants and beautiful red and yellow birds that have curved beaks and debug the bogenvailia wrapped around our fountained courtyard staircase.

I was pretty sick with an upper respiratory infection the first week, and we lost the paddle board in strong winds driving accros the oakland bay bridge.   That was the same day we took a wrong way up to R’s sisters house and ended up on a VERY steep and winding road that was BARELY passable.  That was the same day that we got stuck on a basketball hook while seeking accomodations in Boulder creek CA!   All’s well that ends well;  R took things in hand and booked us a room at the Hilton in time to see the Seahawks VS broncos (he was the only one in the bar rooting for Seattle of course), and we all had a  nice big bath.   Even Moxy.  More to come, with pictures we hope.    Want to make sure this will go out.  Can’t respond to e-mail today though we should be able to here…

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