Oh my God…Wow, and Jimminy Christmas. Man! Oh man! After gaping and gasping for quite some time in astonishment at the unearthly and alien landscape before us I admonished my brother for totally underselling this little outing to Lake Watson.
I have now seen the Grand Canyons Endless Maw, the Cliffs and shimmering falls of Yosemite and the red arches and hoodoos of Zion, but I had never seen anything like this, and wasn’t even aware of it through calender photos, travelmagazines or National Geographic publications. It was a complete and exotic surprise.
The wind was blowing hard and a little cool so I pulled my scarf down over my ears.
We left Joe and Kristen’s car in the nearly empty paved lot and followed a trail for about two minutes when we came up over a rise for this view.image
The slate grey lake white capping in the wind was a foil for perfectly formed groups of rock people and giant cowpies, squished into thin sections, piled into hills forming dozens of islands and peninsulas with their necessary bays and inlets ringing terra cotta red with white salt or limy bands and thick green manganese belts around the works in a precision only found in the chaos of nature. I have to come back I said out loud. I have to come back and swim here. Nobody was surprised.

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