R is for Rockaway

A is for Astoria and it’s
Beautiful Bridge
C is crab and cannery’s when you haven’t got a fridge
D is for Damp that
Evaporates by noon
F is Florence in freezing Fog
G’s for a Gale blowing hair of the dog
H is Hotel and long hot shower
I is for Islands that emerge like a tower.
J is for Jetty a good place to fish
K ‘s Klamath River, and the falls if you wish.
L is for Log, laying lengthwise on shores
Mumble Peg’s M and Myrtle and More !
N is for Newport, and then there’s North Bend
O is quite Obvious, it’s Oregon my friend
P’s the Patient Phalarope; he is such a
Queer bird, Dad minds the nest, while Mom shops, I have heard.
R is a Rogue of a River that flows, near
Saltwater Taffy and Serpentine Stone
T must be Tillamook, my favorite is cheddar
U is for Umqua (But Ubiquitous is better…U letter)
V is for verses, more vapid every day, but
W is Wayside and Winchester Bay
X-trembly close we are now to CAL-IF-OR-NI-A
Yachats nearly ends this, and sounds just like a sneeze, but we have to say good night dear friends, we’ve got to catch some

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