I’ll paddle out to Carmen,
If my bark will carry me
Or swim to Coronado
Through the crystal Cortez Sea.

A golden globe should
Breach just there
And crown me when I land
I’ll push on a little farther
And claim it if i can.

I’ve nearly reached the island
My body now is spent
But warmth and light, theres none
Where is my shining friend?

Who took away the sun?
I failed so in my effort
And turn round in defeat
But as I turned around to go
My heart had skipped three beats.

The shadowed hills of home
Once looming dark behind,
now glowed bright and golden
The richest mornings find.

The sun has sent a present
To brighten my return
And gave to me a lesson
So finally I’ve learned.

I’ll sail my tired bones back home,
on the swelling tide
the sea will land me near the gold,
On the Leeward side.

Young girls will swim to Carmen,
Old men can cease their war
Come about and raise your sails;

Golden is the homeward shore.



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