“Do you hear that?” I asked.
“Someone is breathing in the house, and it is not you or me or the dog”
“It is the waves on the shore, now sleep,”he said.

“We heard the whales blowing so very near last night,”
My neighbor posted. “then slapping tails, then singing with their deep bellows
Vibrating our bodies, our beds,” he said.

Sole paddler on predawn glass I heard again the blow and scanned
The seamless bay for signs or spouts.
Again it came; loud, demanding exhalation , but from shore!

Before the village on the green I saw a billowing giant with silky skin.
It inhaled every hot aired burst and grew, rolling, undulating, dwarfing and peering Down upon pastel candy houses.

Filled and flaunting ribbon colors of scarlet, sapphire and emerald, it even dwarfed the Breeching morning humpback. Five stories high and pulling to rise higher
Like any bubble would.

Six more were filled and sigh after sigh expanded those awesome colored globes. They posed for pictures in the morning light, but belonging to jealous lovers,
were never freed to take their flight.


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