“Pretend you can walk faster,” I said to R, and knowing this would raise his ire, I added, “and tonight, when I want to eat a loaf of bread, you can tell me to pretend I don’t want to.
“I know I CAN walk faster,” my longlegged husband explained, “this is just the pace I feel good at, MY pace.”
“Well, pretend you are the KIND OF PERSON who walks fast,” I said after some thought.
“And tonight, I will pretend I am the KIND OF PERSON who doesn’t care a bit for crackers in bed.”
We continued up and down the gentle inclines of the dirt trail with raindrops increasing in quantity and speed, and zipped up, buttoned up and put on hats and blew our noses.
“You know, I thought aloud, “the only thing that individuals and even countries ever fight about is what is really real.”

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