(to the tune of Leanord Cohens’ Hallelulah because Elliot likes that song and because James and Julia like to make up songs too!)


Merry Christmas from Julie, Ron and Moxy.


I tried to walk to Salton Sea
To see just who my friends might be
But Ouch Owie! The sand was glass
And the Pelicans just took a pass
And the seagulls never saw me.IMG_8766.JPG

Never saw me. Never saw me,
They passed me by and Seagull never saw me.img_6402

I know that a stone can’t talk
But I would like to take a walk,
And wish that you would
Roll along beside me.

Roll beside me. Roll beside me, Don’t have to talk
You can just roll beside me.


Are you my bother Coyote?
You surely look a lot like me,
But when you sang
I couldn’t understand you.

Understand you, understand you,
I like you lots but cannot understand you.

IMG_8707.JPGLittle Green Turtle, where’d you go?
You went inside and shut the door!
Now how am I supposed to
Even find you?

I’ve a mind to. Peek and find you.
I’ve a mind to look inside and find you.

img_8710Big Black Bird I love you so
You are very beautiful
You won’t come see me, you’ve your own sweet Black Bird.
Busy nesting, and then resting
You never say a word but you dont need to.img_8711

Mister I ran after you
Because it seemed that running made it funner
I’m so tired sir, very tired sir
Nobody told me you were The RoadrunnerIMG_8767.JPG

The roadrunner, the roadrunner,
I really thought that faster would be funner.img_8705

The goat, the llama and the sheep
woke up from a quiet sleep
And then they all came over just to see me
Just to see me! Just to see me!img_8719

The Ostrich and the Emu too
They all just came right up to see me!


Here at last is old Cactus,
Looks funny but I think he is my brother
I’ll sit with him, Cactus brother
I’ll sit here til I find a smoother brotherimg_8759

Find another, smoother brother,
I’ll sit right here untill I find another.img_8769
fimg_8770The golden moon, she shines on me
And smiles upon my family
And every single living thing beneath her.img_8561
You can see her, and remember, she smiles on you and I and all of us together.
She shines on you and I and all of us together.


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