Greetings friends, family and friends I haven’t met yet!  This is our third cycle of snowbirding and exploring since my husband and I retired.   We are headed to Baja again, stopping to see friends and family who still allow us into their homes along the way. We still  go with an overcab camper and pull a cargo trailer, but have changed up old blue for a truck that could do the speed limit on the hills.   We moved away from a homeless condition this time around.  Too hard to find a proper short term rental in Bellingham WA, particularly as dog owners.   We now have an address across from Lake Padden in a vintage double wide in a rather surprisingly park-like park.

We are exploring as much as we can en route to a little paradise  called Loreto, where we will again rent a casa by the Sea of Cortez.  We plan on going all the way down the peninsula this time. We will follow our noses again on the way back to “the city of subdued excitement.”  Our route is largely dictated  by 1. The temperature; we wilt over 85 degrees and the camper freezes if it’s well, freezing out.  2.  Our allowed butt time, which seems to be about five hours, and, 3.  How our microfiber dog, Moxy the Standard Poodle cleverly disguised as a Weimeraner, is faring.  Windy long roads in a truck mean tranquilizer for this  mighty hunting poodle (who is also trained in therapy and service work and currently engaged in scenting truffles!)

We camp in BLM lands as much as we can, boondocks here and there, occasionally do RV Parks if they aren’t too parking lot like.  Every week or two we find a place, often a hotel, funky if possible, to do laundry and tidy up.

The blog is my way of writing home, sharing adventures, watercolor postcards, photos, and kind of keeps me out of trouble.

I hope you enjoy!

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