I arrived in Prescott prone on the camper bed.
We had vowed not to spend more than five minutes conversing about our health lest we fall prey to the inclination of some older folks to hold forth for hours about their bowels. But here we were the spousa with an instant weight loss program of gastroenteritis and me with the gift of the pregnant woman or long term hauler, you DO know what I mean, no? Also was to find I was officially and certifiably a tight ass and there was actually a way to fix that situation. we exceeded our five minutes, believe me.
We pulled into a college parking lot and R began making arrangements through hotels.com. I nearly had a panic attack in the camper waiting for a bathtub and it’s dependable relief and told R. I would meet him at the motel which was just across the street on a four lane road.
I went to the Motel 6 Next to the Yacapai college and waited for either R or the registration info to come through on reception’s computer.
I walked my dog around the parking lot waiting. I walked back across the busy street to the Y college parking lot where R was parked with our camper, big white box trailer and paddleboards and yellow kayak.
It was not there!
I walked back to the motel. No husband. I asked the campus cop if he had seen this rig. I reasoned hysterically: Finally, he must have had enough of my ass and ditched me like a bad dog.
This thought did nothing for my state of mind. I wandered back and forth between the college and the motel, unable to fathom what had happened. Of course I didn’t bring my phone. Dead again anyway.
Somehow the light finally went on and I had a more accurate memory of his phone conversation with expedia. I had SEEN motel 6 across the street when he mentioned to the guy on the other end of the phone that we were across the street. However, BEST WESTERN was where we were going. Back to the campus cop. “Is there a Best Western near here?” I asked. He didn’t know and couldn’t be bothered to find out for me. Even though I was clearly a lost crazy lady who needed guidance.
I went back again to Motel 6 desk and asked the fellow at the counter about a best western. “Just up one block by the circle k and turn left”he said genially, pleased I’m sure to have the homeless lady with the dog out of his hair.
And there he was, wondering where we had been. The tub was from heaven. we located the doc, got an appointment only next day and everything turned out okay in the end.

image  I met Graham Mackintosh at his book reading in Loreto.  he traveled the Baja quite successfully with HIS Ass!

4 thoughts on “BADASS ARIZONA

  1. Brutal. The older we get, the more likely it is that we wonder why our significant other isn’t dumping us like yesterday’s fish bones. 🙂

    Glad your end result was positive. 🙂


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