Title is our weekly prompt:  caution, reader! It rhymes. Won’t sell.


I wish I hadnt run from you,
But would you still have caught me?
Or would you pause and think again,
About that ring you bought me?

If I’d not seen you leave the bath,
A giant, an Adonis,
I might have let you walk away,
Instead, I made a promise.

I rather wish I hadnt cussed,
Your manners were impeccable,
You called again though nonetheless,
Hot dam! I was acceptable!

I wished I hadnt laughed so loud,
Or danced, or drank that wine,
But you called and said, “let’s meet again

And thought that I was fine.

I wish I hadn’t brazenly
Told you who I was,
Or what I thought, or what I felt,
Revealing all my flaws.

But of all the many crazy things
I wish I didn’t do,
I’m glad I didn’t try to be
Someone else for you.


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